Eye Sea an Idea

March 14, 2024
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As a shipping company based on a small island, it’s fair to say that we at MX Bulk are quite fond of the sea. Whether strolling along the beach after a day in the office or visiting a ship in a far-flung location the sight of the sea should be comforting however, it is depressingly common to see pollution of one kind or another. Individually we can bemoan the state of the oceans; we can do our small part by recovering that floating plastic or joining a local beach clean but as a remedy to a global issue it’s a drop in the proverbial.


So what more can be done? This is where the wonderful initiative at Eyesea comes in. They too see an issue seemingly too large to solve and aim to bring together the efforts of individuals across the globe to map the scale of the problem with the data then freely available to those who can leverage it to make a real difference. Amongst a host of other Partners across the world of shipping, MX Bulk actively encourage their staff and ocean-going crews to engage with the app and report sea pollution and maritime hazards, wherever seen. Individually this is easy and low effort, but collectively this combined effort can make a real difference in cleaning up our oceans.


For anyone inspired to join us as a Partner, or just looking to find out more, then more information can be found on the Eyesea website – www.eyesea.org

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