Erin Manx Delivered

May 27, 2020
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MX Bulk are delighted to announce the delivery of our newest vessel Erin Manx. Named after the Isle of Man’s southern village and beauty spot, Port Erin, the 64,000-tonne bulk carrier was successfully delivered in Zhoushan, China earlier this month and joins her sister ships, Scarlett Manx, Isabella Manx and Mona Manx.


Speaking to IOM Newspapers about the delivery, Managing Director Sean Dawson

discussed the continued expansion of our fleet:


“The Erin Manx is the latest addition to the fleet but not the last. The company has three more vessels on order and due for delivery in 2021. The Una Manx, Ursula Manx and Vorana Manx are all significantly larger vessels than the current fleet, each more than 82,000 tonnes, and will make great additions to a fleet that is proud to be Manx owned, Manx flagged and Manx managed.”


MX Bulk enjoy showing our strong connection with the Isle of Man,not only by naming all of our vessels after Manx laces, history or language, but also through regular support of local causes,particularly during these difficult times, with Sean explaining that:


“MX Bulk has been an active supporter of the Isle of Man Foodbank, a wonderful local charity helping Manx people in times of need.”

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